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Chris Anderson brings a much-needed dose of rationality to the discussion

Over the last couple of days, The Long Tail's Chris Anderson has been exploring how 'Web 2.0' should help bring "radical transparency" to journalism. To his credit, he uses his own mag, Wired, as the real and theoretical guinea pig.

Transparency is concept I support wholeheartedly, but the increasing zealot-like attitude about the power of citizen journalism and the evils of traditional approaches to reporting was really starting to bother me. Thankfully, in today's post, Chris introduces some tenets he says should be self-evident.

Therein lies the true power of social media - to augment, enhance and improve...well, whatever. It could be journalism, marketing, search or office productivity. The point is that many of the new tools - and approaches they enable - are incredibly useful and becoming more so every day. But that doesn't make everything that came before it useless.

As always, the truth will be found somewhere in the middle.


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